On the back end of yet another bitter Melbourne winter, coupled with the lingering symptoms of tonsillitis, I was more than ready for some down time. I decided to venture north to defrost in the abundance of Vitamin D that fills the Far North Queensland air. Having been to the city of Cairns a number … Continue Reading

Life is busy. We work long and hard to make our way in life and, the reality is, it takes its toll physically, emotionally and mentally. That time of year comes around and we take our annual leave and it’s a good feeling. However, sometimes it can be so exhausting planning and executing your well-earned … Continue Reading

Here is some trivia for you. Which city in the world hosts the most overnight visitors in a single year? Nope, not London… not New York…not Paris either… It’s actually Bangkok. That’s right, according to the MasterCard global destinations cities index, Bangkok hosted 21.47 million overnight visitors in the last year (followed by London with … Continue Reading

Tokyo, Japan, the city that has helped shape us all by bringing us the likes of Pokémon, Karaoke, instant noodles, videotapes and emojis. I have travelled to Tokyo many times and intend on visiting many more. The rich culture, distinctive food, endless shopping and polite people are just a few of the things that keep … Continue Reading