We all know and love the iconic identity that is Client Liaison.

Recently when talking at an acquaintance about Client Liaison showcasing their Deluxe Line at VAMFF 2019, my friend asked the question, ‘are they being serious?’

I cannot answer to someone intentions, but after taking some of their gear for a spin, I can confirm it’s appears as serious as it gets.

As defined on the @cl.deluxelineInstagram page as High Leisure wear, that’s exactly what I intended it to be, taking with me on a recent vacay. 

Whether it be, pool side, beach side, bar side or out to dine the CLDL caters for all occasions. With cuts and shapes bucking the norm, alongside bright colours and eye-catching patterns, these modern yet retro pieces will having people double checking you down the street. In the words of Lloyd Christmas ‘I like it a lot’.

Let me know what you think – leave a comment or message me directly in the ‘contact me’ link.

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