The Cultured Man is a personal blog curated by me, Jadon Lake.

I grew up in one of the most beautiful places in the world – the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Growing up, life was great and simple, yet my worldview was limited. Eating out at a nice restaurant was the local surf club and international travel was only to Bali, New Zealand or even Melbourne.

However, over the years I have become curious – curious about the world around me, full of many wonderful and beautiful things to eat, wear, see and experience.

In regards to the name ‘The Cultured Man’, being cultured isn’t an unattainable, final destination available exclusively to those with deep pockets or social connections. It’s a fun, challenging and worldview-expanding journey that we can all go on. For me, it is the journey of becoming a better person in the pursuit of discovering the things I love and the things that truly matter.

I encourage you to follow my journey but more importantly embark on your own.

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